How to Use Videos for Internal Marketing?

Let’s address the ‘Why’ part of the question so that the “How” part becomes interesting.


Why Internal Marketing?

From the moment when the majority of the workforce started to work remotely, the gap between the employees and the organisation has widened. Whether you like it or not, internal marketing is necessary in these times to keep up employees’ morale, to bring in inclusivity, to show your team that they are very much a part of your organisation. So that the loyalty and connection that was developed when working from the office remains the same. And we may not know how the current situation can affect professional relationships. 

The top reasons to use videos in your internal communications are,

  1. Videos are the most preferred form of content now.
  1. Earlier, videos were used by luxury brands with hefty budgets. Yes, it was the case a decade ago, but not now.
  1. Videos are not TV commercials alone. Every communication from your company, be it internal or external communications can be through video to make it just compelling.
  1. Videos help minimize the distance created by the remote working culture.
  1. On-demand videos can be accessed by the respective teams/employees anytime, unlike live video meetings.

Who Would Need this for Internal Communication Purposes? 

  • Organisations which have multiple departments. 
  • Organisations which have a high number of employees.
  • Organisations which have the need for constant communication because of the very nature of their business. 
  • Organisations that are located in different time zones and which need to be brought together for various reasons. 


All of them often need a lot of communications and are usually done through mail, internal social media platforms, and at times through chats.

What type of videos can be made, especially in the times of WFH?

  • Weekly updates from top executives to their team.
  • Project updates to team members.
  • Monthly video podcasts from CEO to everyone in the company.
  • Monthly video podcasts from the project lead to their team.


Videos to Build the Brand & Loyalty

  • Training programs on management, leadership for employees.
  • Skill development programs like software learning to move to the next level in their career
  • Wellness programs and hobby activities like Sewing, Balcony gardening, Embroidery, Painting, Photography, etc, to destress from their monotonous day.


All of the above areas can be planned, addressed through videos for employee usage thus building your brand. 


How Video is Changing Workplace Communications?

A report by Vimeo and GlobalWebIndex says, 

  • Important information gets lost in constant calls, emails, online meetings and messages.
  • The consequences of ineffective communications are severe. Those who aren’t happy with their company’s communication are 4x more likely to rate them poorly on compliance, and 5x more likely to rate them poorly on both collaboration and productivity.

Meanwhile, companies that communicate their strategy frequently via videos show stronger expected revenue and workforce growth. Their employees also report fewer problems with engagement, alignment, and morale.  



An employee says,

Internal corporate communications have made me feel more secure about our company making it through this and that my job will be secure. It’s been great to know where the company stands through these times.  

At organizations that have embraced video, professionals are 67% more likely to feel confident about maintaining good employee engagement.


For young folks, in-person isn’t as important.

We have been getting weekly updates from the CEO via video. It seems more personal than a memo and more details can be relayed in a quick 5-minute video over a long memo.

The CEO’s weekly updates made me feel confident in the future due to the personal nature of it when compared to a memo, and they seemed pretty positive throughout.

Internal marketing is not anymore a special activity, it has become mandatory to the marketing & HR teams in organisations. All it needs is a few brainstorming sessions, and a well-thought-out plan to build the brand internally.

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