We build your brand video channel that bring compounding business results.

> When was the last time you weren’t tempted to press the ‘Skip ad’ button when an ad popped up? We don’t remember either. 

> Interrupting through ads isn’t going to move the needle, maybe slightly. But ‘slightly’ isn’t enough to grow your brand. 

> The ever-changing digital world is short of attention span. (Attention please!!!) In the middle of endless scroll and taps, how would you make your audience stop and take notice of your brand?

We believe, it is through educating, and engaging with your prospects through videos.

Ok, enough of our gyan. The below Iceberg perfectly depicts how we bring compounding results to your business through videos.

Studio Navans video Marketing Iceberg

> Managing your brand channel on YouTube

Do you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? If not, you would’ve known by now. 

Most brands miss on the opportunity to grow their business through their brand channel, citing that it takes time, or not knowing how to approach it. You’ll know the immense benefits it brings to your brand once you look past the hindrances. 

Who are you? What defines you? What makes your product/service stand out? What do your employees have to say about the culture in your organization?

You can show your audience all these and more in the most preferred form of content – videos. 

> But what about ROI?

We get it. Let’s answer the question. Your videos work for you forever. A video you upload on your YouTube channel today would still bring new leads 10 years from now. It doesn’t just disappear as you refresh. Such is the compounding nature of your videos that they bring you results year over year over year.  

Compounding return of brand video channel

> Here is how we do it.

Target audience research:

Who are they and what they believe in? Are they a tea person or a coffee person? We dig deep to know about your target audience.

Creating content framework:

Once we’ve figured out your audience, we create a framework of content that would move your audience and bring closer to your brand

Video production:

It isn’t only about what you say, but how you say it matters as well. From a wide range of video types available, we filter out and pick the one that would be a perfect fit for the content, and bring it to life.

Optimising your videos:

From maintaining a consistent design theme to segmenting with clear playlists, we optimize your channel so that it stands out once your prospect visits.


Ta-da! Your video is finally ready (after the final round of feedback), what next? We introduce your video to your market and distribute it via social media, newsletter, blogs, etc., so that it reaches the maximum audience.


We note down what has worked and what needs to be tinkered, and make sure to apply it in the upcoming videos.

Would you like to build your brand channel?