for Brands from different industries

A 3D promo film for an upcoming event for what could be the country’s largest Autoshow on September 16-19th in Hyderabad, India. Get to know about what the event has for you from the video. 

An Interior film for an award-winning design agency. They have won the design competition of the National War memorial at NewDelhi. The interior design for an NRI and here is the film without voiceover.

An Intro video for an app that focuses on rural education for children who are underprivileged. The leadership team uses technology and the Internet to be their weapons and changing the way kids in rural villages are getting educated.

This video for TiEChennai’s annual award ceremony congratulating Samunnati and its growth with a short interview from the founder and more about what they do by his own words.

An Intro video for an organisation which is playing a crucial role in changing the way solar energy is captured and used.

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