How deep the NEXA lineup is messed up?

Under the NEXA brand, XL6 and other models namely Ignis, Baleno, Ciaz and Grand Vitara are placed. 

For most of the customers, NEXA is Maruti Suzuki and Maruti Suzuki is NEXA. 

But is that what Maruti Suzuki intended when they created the NEXA lineup? I’m sure they have not.  1 Infact it was said that the lesson learnt from Kizashi’s launch made Maruti Suzuki start a new Brand positioning as a premium segment and it was named NEXA as we all know.

Infiniti is a brand for the premium segment.  2 Both are independent brands on their own. But only a few know that Inifiniti is from Nissan and Lexus is from Toyota. Because entity ownership is not necessary for the end customer. The 2 brands become on their own by establishing their identity.

Alpha-numeric model line-ups

Usually, 3

Take any premium brand: Audi 



There is a reason why alpha-numeric is kept for the model lineup. Brand leads the model. Not the other way around. Alpha numerics don’t carry much meaning(unlike a name) and they are restricted by design to becoming a standalone brand.

Projecting the model as a standalone brand helps in achieving volumes. Swift, i20, Santro, Duster, and you can add many more, without mentioning the Brand at all.

There are only a very few brands that have struck a balance between brand and model lineup. For example, Honda City.

By creating a separate lineup NEXA, Maruti Suzuki wants the brand to be the lead. There cannot be any other way to establish a separate brand for a premium segment. 


  1. Why there are Ignis, Vitara and other car models along with XL6 is there?
  2. Why there is a Maruti Suzuki logo on the NEXA website?


Having an established brand like Maruti Suzuki helps in launching a new brand. Customer network, supply chain network, Showroom & service network etc.,  Who can ascertain, precisely that is what could be impeding establishing a fresh new brand? 

What can be done now?

Whatever we do now, it will only be a damage control activity. Remove all the cars with names from the NEXA lineup. Remove the Maruti Suzuki logo from the website and all customer touchpoints. 

It is not only in the names, logos and/or anything I have listed above for to become a premium Brand. It is the feeling the customer gets after they drove the car, the after-sales experience and all the touch points they have with the car and maintenance.

With so many moving parts in large companies, Brand bifurcations, Branding and Marketing part play a vital role in the future success of new Brands from the house.


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  1. Because we all know the story of Kizashi and how they were helpless to position it as a premium model.[]
  2. Lexus is for the luxury-seeking class.[]
  3. the alphabet-based model lineup is kept by premium segment Brands. []

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