These organisations have invested in their brand channel by publishing user-centric videos consistently. Now, they are enjoying the benefits like free traffic, organic inbound queries and the most important one – Brand awareness. List of video marketing case studies from different industries,

Real estate

The general understanding about the real estate industry is video marketing is not for them, the brand channel is not for them or what to publish on the video channel? There are tons of video content that is possible. Here is an organisation that use videos for their marketing cleverly.


Healthcare – In a country like India, where marketing for a hospital is looked down – running an active video channel with educational, user-centric content will bring in unstoppable growth. 


Fitness – An evergreen industry and this organisation have published videos like no other organisation and earned all the organic site visits, brand awareness and naturally business growth.


Here is a SaaS company especially into CRM – one of the competitive market place yet they have earned a special name for them through customer-centric contents.

This organisation is into SaaS as well but ahead in the game by setting an example by creating unique audiovisual content – check it by yourself.


As more and more industries are leveraging digital spaces, here is an OEM leveraging marketing by creating unique films – be it about their product’s strength or about a new launch – this organisation stands out. 

Brand manufacturers

If your organisation is into manufacturing with direct consumer-facing with a strong supply and distribution chain, here is an approach that strengthens the entire marketing approach.

The best time to start your brand channel was yesterday. That’s how all the above successful organisations have built their video channel. It’s time to build yours.