Our process starts with the type of videos that the Brand is willing to have. This single decision will have an impact on everything we do to produce the respective videos and on the subsequent process. Some of the commonly asked questions are addressed below.

Our 5 stage process

  • Decide on the video type you’d like to have on your channel


  • Draft a video publishing calendar based on where your marketing stands and your marketing aspirations


  • Research content. Produce and publish videos


  • Repurpose the videos and distribute them on different platforms where your audience is present


  • Refine the video & content reaction loop and optimise it
Process and FAQs Studio Navans

This process completes the production, publishing and reaction loop that helps build your video channel efficiently and effectively.

The minimum time we work is 12 months. We recommend 36 months.

Got Questions?

Yes, Our team will do the research and come up with the right set of content that suits your Business. We encourage content recommendations from you. No worries, if not.

There are many ways to make a video and there are no. of videos and both have a direct impact on the price. Each client comes with varied medium & long-term objectives. So, we have to listen to them and come up with a plan that matches their expectations.

Starts at 1.97 lakhs p.m. Depending on the type of video and the audience you want to build in a “particular time frame”, the price can go to even 10 lakhs p.m

Anchor presenting live action videos, Motion Graphics videos, Videos using stock footage with engaging voice-over types and 3D videos. As far as format is concerned, the Short form of videos is a rage now. Long-form videos are engaging forms of content.

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We engage in a monthly retainership model with a set of expected deliverables and outcomes. We recommend 3 years to build your video channel.