Getting ourselves a good headshot or business portrait is an identity too. Often, headshots or portraits make us express how we identify ourselves to the world. With so much significance and responsibility that comes with headshots/portraits, comes the greater confusion of how we should look for our portraits. This blog is to help you out with a few tips when you get ready for your portrait.



Your portraits are the canvas to express yourself. And every portrait serves a purpose. They highlight a version of you and your call is to choose the version to be highlighted. For an author portrait, people usually choose to do a calm yet insightful face.

For a business portrait, a confident look expressing their reputation is required. To decide your look, one should be clear with the purpose of the portrait.



Remember, ‘Less is More’ is the key phrase for marketing and so is for your portraits meant for marketing and advertising. No matter what is your portrait for, the less makeup, background or costume it carries, the more impact it creates.

Portrait of Krithya


It’s always good to have a makeover before your portrait. With a little facial, hair grooming and makeup, the portrait carries a brighter and beautiful version of you. When you opt for a hair grooming for your portrait, it’s advisable to have them a few days before as a haircut on a day before your shoot might not work well at times.



A headshot or portrait speaks your personality by your facial expressions. Therefore, it is essential to keep everything minimalistic, letting your face highlight your message for the audience. For a business portrait or headshot, it’s advisable to go for a solid color shirt with a little texture. A floral or contemporary design might have a chance to subdue the professionalism of your portrait. Ultimately, it’s the professionalism that gets you noticed. Mostly, people prefer suits for portraits to look more elegant and professional.

Business Portrait of Krishnan Naganathan by Studio Navans


Be it a portrait or in real, eyes speak words that lips don’t. Eyes are an organ of assurance and it’s necessary to look assuring in your portraits. It’s advisable to have a sound sleep before the day of the shoot. If women, exclusive eye makeup helps you look better in your portraits.

Power Portrait of Pravin Shekar



A happy face is a personality statement. Next, to the bright eyes, it’s the smile that keeps you noticed. Your smile can speak 100 qualities of you in your portrait. Keeping your shooting day convenient and planned helps you bring an organic smile to the portrait.

With portrait and business shots, when half the responsibility is owned by you, the other half is taken care of by the photographer. We, at Studio Navans, make sure you are comfortable on your shooting day, check the requirements right for you, help you get the best version for you to upload on your website or LinkedIn profile through your portraits.

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