BRAND COMMERCIALS Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why

A Brand commercial creates a voice for your brand. The volume of Videos being consumed is getting higher and higher daily. One way to stand out is by having a fantastic Brand commercial for your brand.


“Analysts predict that, within four years, nearly one million minutes of videos will cross global IP networks every single second. You would need about two years of continuous watching to view everything uploaded in that single second.”

With the increasing competition and new products pooling in the market, there is an immense need to convince the customers about your products or ideas in the best possible way.

As the market invites more products for sale, the creators are expected to speak more to sustain. With what your products are, who are you? and why are you here? becomes important. The only answer to these questions is Brand Films.




Your brand films are your new business cards.


Today brand films are the growing slice of the advertising world. They fuse art with commerce to help you increase sales and gain more recognition as a brand. Consider any company’s logo – you could suddenly be reminded about their products/services, their values, their beliefs, and one possible question they can also leave you with is “Am I getting motivated” in turn their product may get sold. Ex. Nike.

Imagine the logo of that particular brand is broken down into pieces and shares the same set of beliefs and values in a more impactful visual form called Video – then this can be called as Brand film.

Nowadays we come across lots of brand films per day. But, few of my all-time favourite Brand films are below:




“I’ve had my ups and downs – my fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds..”, the film starts with these words of actor Van Damme. As the camera moves to a wider shot, we can find the actor standing on a tow truck’s rearview mirror. As the truck moves a little on its sides, the actor is all ready to perform his split. The risky choice of the actor and the camera shows the precision of Volvo’s steering wheel. And you understand Van Damme doesn’t speak just about himself and also for Volvo.

It is no wonder that this video is my favourite even after 6 years since it is published and it lasts just 76 seconds. The message is crystal clear about their precision steering wheel.


A meticulously chosen red Land Rover was about to perform a nearly impossible task of climbing up the 999 steps in the Tianmen mountain ranges after passing 99 deadly mountain turns to reach the legendary heaven’s gate of China. A dizzying 99 mountain turns and 999 daunting steps didn’t stop the Land Rover Sport PHEW from completing a world-first at one of China’s world-famous landmarks. Here the message is about their ability and stability.


“Like a river, you flow,

With the sky in your pursuit,

You flow like the river that gurgles.

Troubles dot your path,

Embrace them with all your heart,

To reach the one who awaits you”

The song at the brand film’s background shows how Samsung works for its customers while the visuals make us wonder if the customer service person can reach the place in time beyond the struggles and hurdles on his mountain pathway. As he reaches, the video takes us surprisingly to a home for visually challenged. And as he fixes the problem in their television, the showtime has come for the children to watch a musical show where their home mate is singing a song, with ears open and their eyes covered with joy. The video explains how Samsung values its customers.


KeralaIsOpen – An initiative by Samsonite for Kerala Tourism doesn’t sell any of its products. After the great devastation in the god’s own country, Kerala Tourism was suffering. This film created an awareness among people on the need to visit Kerala and how the state is glad to welcome its guests. Without speaking any word about its brand, Samsonite’s brand value reached a humongous amount after this film.


The common things I have observed from the films are:

  • Brand Films deal with stories, emotions and express how people are important than the brand itself
  • They are positive, reassuring, trying to create an impact among its viewers
  • They directly take us into the film than slowly reveals one by one about the characters/story until the end
  • They try to humanize the brand
  • The brand takes a step backwards, letting the people, story, and the message take the front seat
  • There is no rigid rule on duration, The story decides its span


Can these all be the characteristics of a successful brand film? Yes, having these characteristics put your brand film much much ahead in the pool of videos scattered across the Internet.


According to research, a whopping 80% of millennials consider a brand’s video content when researching a purchase decision. Their attention is more on the video’s message – the brand’s integrity than the superficial colours and amusement in the video.


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