I bet on Video channel for these many reasons

With all the non-incentivizing factors on publishing videos for brands, I strongly bet on publishing videos on a regular basis for every single brand.


Non-incentivising is a demotivating factor, which makes marketers behave in a haphazard way and take a lackadaisical approach towards YouTube. Non-Incentivising is particularly strong in the initial days of publishing videos. No views, forget subscribers. 


A crystal clear clarity and a strong commitment are prerequisites.


In the parallel world, this very incentive is fueling the entire online ads. You see your ads in a matter of hours, literally, virtually. This loop continues


Coming back to the video channel,
  1. When you plan to take your audience via videos the possibility of conversion is high. That’s why brands run paid campaigns to make their videos get watched, not for direct sales – clever fellas. 
  2. When some of your audience is not coming past your videos, you don’t have to push to convert people who can not be your audience. Of course, not everybody is your customer.
  3. YouTube is focused on the audience, if someone is watching your video probably they will become your channel subscriber, probably they will become your customer. 
  4. The goal of the YouTube algorithm is to make the viewer consume one more video which he/she may like. 
  5. Possibly, one of the most advanced algorithms on the planet. (Hey, I’m not a technical person).
  6. The same can be your goal – make one more audience for your videos. Surely, it builds your subscriber base. 
  7. Never ever compare your channel with any other channel. Definitely not with a creator’s channel.
  8. Remember, the creator’s goal is to make their videos consumed and they get paid proportionately. More the viewership, more the pay they get. Doing all that to increase the viewership is their objective. 
  9. Whereas, for a brand, every subscriber could be your customer or might send you a customer (brand ambassador). The goal is business, not viewerships and definitely not to get paid by Google. (I get the correlation between viewership and business metrics. The right viewership is always good, not plain views count for the sake of it).
  10. The D2C brands are at a great advantage. The power of directly connecting with a large part of your audience and letting them know about your product/brand is never possible in the history of marketing. 
  11. Apart from YouTube algorithms, your brand channel growth depends on so many factors, your domain nature (for eg, finance & wealth management brand videos gets to be shared only on close circles of the viewer), your business nature (for eg, your solution for individual or businesses). A person may be looking to spend a few minutes on YouTube while they are waiting for something – at that time if they get your video that is educational in nature but not entertaining they may not watch at that particular time. The same person might watch your video if they are looking forward to a solution your business offers. (Video SEO, social media aka Distribution and nurturing audience matters – Basics)
  12. Your videos’ goal is to make them talk about your brand at the right time which cannot be attributed to any of your marketing activities. 
  13. Your videos are to address the merging area of, your business interest and your audience interests. 
  14. Human presence in your videos is super important. (Remember Volvo’s President on their videos) – Inspirational fellas. 
  15. Continue to do all your performance campaigns, see them slowly perform better, after you committed to your brand channel. 
  16. Do the basics and stay committed to publishing good videos. 


Over and above all your videos are your brand assets.


Educate and inform by David Meerman Scott


This is how I see YouTube for brands. 2 similar businesses A & B, “A” publish regularly videos and build their audience and B didn’t care about their video channel. “B” continues to pay higher CAC and growth curve plateaus. Whereas, “A” sees a reduced CAC with a good growth curve.


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