Which platform to start from?

You may be tickled to start from TikTok or YouTube Shorts since they are garnering attention from the consumer front and the business community.


An observation says that TikTok and Shorts is catering a short attention span and the article concludes with these lines,


“So if you want views, try Shorts. If you want revenue, you need long-form content.”


“Naturally” is what I’d say.


That revenue mentioned is from a creator standpoint. From a brand channel standpoint, it will remain the same. Just that the revenue happens to your business. 


I had limited observations and data, when I was recommending YouTube and how it is having a sophisticated algorithm that helps any good content to be found by the right audience. Now, it is clear – Focus on publishing good videos, everything else is more or less YouTube handles, well. 






Because a platform is bringing in quick attention, it should not be started from there. It is to be the other way around.


This philosophy applies to many marketing activities. Any quick attention-grabbing activities need to be backed up with other marketing engines, especially in today’s connected world. 


Be it paid online ads, mass media ads or endorsement ads – any activity which can bring a sudden spike needs to be backed up with a content repository. So that your audience can check out and know more about it. The quick views can get leveraged.


In today’s world, a piece of content can earn you a customer unlike 100s and 1000s of views. In the latter, the numbers are lucrative, in the former value to the business is high. Choose wisely. 


In content marketing, starting small and keeping it consistent can earn a lot of fans who can be your customer than 1000s of plain views. 






Here are some interesting insights that you can pick up from the article if you are trying to build your marketing engine on YouTube. 



Some pointers to consider,


A. Starting with a short attention span platform(Mobile-first content) – Not recommended but easy to start. Ex: Instagram, YouTube shorts, TikTok, Snapchat. Content can be created just for these platforms, oftentimes easily. Attention is fleeting.


B. Start with a challenging platform so that you can have the upper hand in the content game. Mobile-second content – Ex: Videos, Blogs, Ebooks. Content creation is not so easy but repurposing on to (A)  is possible. Attention can be sustained.

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