Do category leaders do marketing well?

Is it because they do good marketing they are category leaders or is it the other way around? I will share my view in the end.


Before that, let’s look at a marketing campaign I came across recently. 


The young woman Shraddha shares outstanding content, her videos get watched a lot purely because of the viewpoint she brings to the table on the said topic and nothing else. Off late she started associating with many brands to promote their products in a subtle way. 


The recent one was with ICICI:

AiyyoShraddha - The Orange Diary by Aiyo Shradha


Once you watched the video, the content was such you will be looking for the link but it was NOT provided in the video description. But at the end of the video, there is a CTA. The CTA is simply to search for “ICICI Bank Orange Book”.  There is no clickable link in the video description. (This is a big concern to me)


AiyyoShraddha-ICICI The orange Book


If you click the link from the search results, you will be directly landed on a pdf. No contact collection form and all. The pdf file is not at all gated. The objective is to make the content get consumed and was well done.


You will naturally consume the content and the campaign’s objective ends there virtually.


AiyyoShraddha-ICICI The Orange book


And, this is not a one-off campaign, it’s a series 100% focused on helping their target audience. 


Creation and distribution

They could have created the content and relied on their existing channels to distribute that content. But they went on to that extra mile and roped in an influencer who can effectively distribute the content. That’s a truly commendable job by ICICI.


I also think that her orange colour costume is deliberate as well.


Association with Amazon

Her previous association was with amazon which I think wouldn’t have been very effective since it was focused on conversion.


My views about outstanding marketing

Every time you roll out a new campaign you think of improvising it from the earlier one. Doing outstanding marketing is a journey, not a destination. 


ICICI is far ahead in its marketing approach by neatly adopting modern marketing.


One question for you: 

Do you think ICICI wouldn’t have got queries initiated by their audience on their own? (Which is generally the focus of every other campaign)


Share your thoughts in the comments section.


Remember, you lose out a lot when you focus solely on conversion, conversely, you will gain a lot if you educate your audience and are helpful to them. 


“Category leaders also get their marketing right”


Educating your audience is a big thing in modern marketing. Not pitching, not selling – just helpful content to your audience where your product plays a subtle role. 


Talk to us to build your brand video channel, which is educating your audience.


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