How an YouTube channel can boost your business growth?


Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube is set to penetrate every household through smart TVs. Free access to its content only adds to its strength. 


With the choice to choose the video they want to watch, the power that a consumer possesses is real. As a brand, you can have them on your side (only) with good quality and educational videos.


YouTube is the only platform which can be accessed through smartphone, browser and TV. And it doesn’t depend on new video uploads. It can show you videos that were posted years back, even if no new video is uploaded. 


By owning a brand channel on YouTube, the scope to reduce your CAC is real.


Before we proceed further, here are some interesting facts to set a context:

  • Only about 60% of the world’s population is on the Internet now
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google
  • YouTube search results are 100% videos whereas Google’s search results have heavily mixed results like images, locations, videos, webpages, Q&As.
  • YouTube is the second most used social media platform next to Facebook

Creator Economy

Now that the creators can earn money through the platform with little investment in video production and with good content, literally anyone can become a creator and make a living. People can choose to become a creator and he/she doesn’t have to think of employment.  


If your videos are consistently good & entertaining, you are sure to reap the benefits of it. The trick is, to choose the right kind of content that’ll work for you.

Advantages of a Brand Channel

Every brand now has the potential to educate their prospects through videos and create a following of their own.


Once you start publishing videos, every subscriber you earn is your potential customer and can even be your brand ambassador. The sooner you create your own brand channel, the better it is for your business.


The Power Shift

Whether you like it or not, the power is shifting towards your user.

Jeff Bezos said this very well:

Power shift by Jeff Bezos


It is only natural to start earlier to nurture your customer base than to reach a point where you cannot buy your customer any further using old paid advertising models.


If done right, you’ll have a set of followers who are willing to buy your product/service. All because you have educated them and made them aware of your business. All of these are possible in today’s digital age.


Social media platforms are run by algorithms that change the feed based on their user behaviour. Unless your videos are good enough to hold other’s attention, why would the platform suggest your videos? Being consistent with quality content is the key to make the algorithm work for you. 


After all, YouTube wants its users to be engaged on their platform, when that goal is being fulfilled by you, it suggests your video to others. Yeah, it takes a little time, but worth it.

Organic Growth

Assuming that you are regular in publishing quality videos on YouTube, it does take time to get your channel growth spike up.  


It is always advisable to share it on other social media platforms once you have published the video on YouTube and drive traffic directly to the video.  


This is one way of getting views and subscribers. But you can also get new subscribers from the platform itself if you can tick off the below checkboxes.

  • Quality videos, both technically & content-wise.  
  • Consistency
  • Having the right video title, thumbnail, description, links, end cards, Keywords, etc.



After all, for YouTube, it is a herculean task to manage videos which are getting uploaded crazily onto the platform. 8+ hours of video gets uploaded every second.  

Inorganic Growth

You may choose to go ahead with paid ads to watch your videos, but nobody likes non-skippable ads, skippable ads. The other option is to share the video with your existing customers/website subscribers through mail. There are other options as well, but these are the most important ones. 




We will let you make your conclusion but if you ask us, here is what we would say: 

It will be late if you decide to start your brand channel on YouTube today, but it is sure to work for you 24*7*365. 


Do you want to start your brand video channel?


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