Here is, how to make your ads bring great results?

There has been significant proof that the paid ads are not serving the intended purpose due to many reasons. Only some can be attributed to the marketing team, some may be beyond their hands. Let’s accept the fact so that we can find a solution to the problem.


Here are some of the ads which I have been targeted on social media. Well, mistargeted.

Online ads of Gyproc & Ultratech cement


Both these ads are from the Quora platform, and both the products/services are related to the real estate industry. 


If the advertisers either get enough ROI through these paid ads, or if brand awareness is the intent, then fine. Nowadays, customers have access to more information about your product than they would have a decade ago or even 5 years back. 


How do they get information about your product or your industry? There are multiple mediums & platforms they have access to. Almost any information is about a matter of search. And, people do search before they make the purchase decision. 


What if you are the person/brand that provides the much needed information about yourself? You will be at the top of your prospects’ mind, which is your intention while creating ads. Isn’t it?


What are the possibilities for the Gyproc Ad?

Sure, paid ads can be continued. But, instead of driving them to your website, how about sending them to your video channel where your educational videos are available? 


Your target audience wouldn’t be hesitating much to click the banner link if the CTA is “know more ▶” (with a play icon) instead of “Get Quote”.


Now, you may ask what kind of videos to be created to educate your prospects? Here are some ideas on top of my mind. This list can be surely extended and be further tinkered with inputs from the respective team. 

  • Which thickness of ceiling material can be used where, and why?
  • Where to use which material as ceiling?
  • Advantages of using Gyproc
  • Best false ceiling designs for bedrooms
    • Best designs for Hall
    • Best designs for Studio apartments
    • How to choose room colours?
    • How to choose adequate lighting for your rooms?
    • How to paint Gyp ceilings?
  • Your factory tour
  • Employee welfare program videos
  • CSR activity video
  • A video about your sellers


People will buy from you if they find your videos informative, and can connect with them. All the above in the list fulfills these criteria.


What if your competitor also has the same set of videos? It is a different thing, there are multiple options to create educational content.


What are the possibilities for the Ultratech Ad?

It is quite normal to think about the type of videos that can be made for a cement brand. Think again, the ground level people can expect some small things like,

  • Different grades of cement and their purposes?
  • What is the best mix for roof concrete? 
  • What to do after pouring roof concrete?
  • Do’s and don’ts after completing a wall
  • Do’s and don’ts after concreting a column
  • What type of cement can be chosen for the construction of your home?
  • Duration of curing and how to do it?
  • What type of cement to be used in the coastal region?(Potential to create a whole new category)


The list is limited but can be improved to a great extent with the inputs from the marketing and other respective teams. Also, many standard videos can be added.


The second one is by CEAT tyres and Bridgestone India

Ceat & Bridgestone tyres

The first ad is from Twitter and the second one is from Quora. 


The first one is a promoted tweet which just asks for a “follow” and people would barely respond to promoted tweets and the engagement ratio of Twitter on average is 0.045%.


Twitter benchmark study

Source: RivalIQ


When it comes to Quora, people make it a point to spend time on that platform to know something new. You have to provide some information while they come across your sponsored post in a split second. How about some rich info on the image itself? This particular ad didn’t earn the click of their prospects with the “Learn more” CTA.


Since both are tyre companies, let me share a few titles that are on top of my mind.


You know very well that there is almost no household without a vehicle in our nation, except the remotest villages. The amount of content you can think of is relatively high and the emotional bond you can create is also high when you share good information.

  • How to choose tyres for different terrains?
  • How can you find that you need to change the tyres?
  • How to choose new tyres?
  • How often should you rotate your car tyres?
  • What to do when your tyre bursts while driving?
  • Safety checks before heading on a road trip?
  • What do the numbers on the side of the tyres mean?
  • What to do when you see your tyres deflated in the morning?


These are just few titles and a lot can be improvised, developed to a great extent.



The third one is from Real estate companies,


Real Estate ads

The real estate industry has the biggest potential of all the industries we’ve discussed above. All it needs is a little shift in the way it thinks of customer acquisition. Surely, after consistent publishing of educational videos in their channel, they can bring down the CAC to a great extent.


The top of my mind titles are,

  • What is 9 inches wall and 4.5 inches wall and where to use it?
  • Concrete test results of a particular project
  • Design walkthrough of a project
    • Design walkthrough of different apartments within a project
  • Type of ceilings in the project
  • Common areas in the project

They can create 10s of 100s of titles on design, construction, Engineering, materials, The list is almost endless, real estate is a consumer facing high ticket industry, the opportunities to educate your prospects and the returns through it is unimaginably high.


As Katelyn Bourgoin puts,


You can’t create 500 videos in a day and make them available on your channel when you suddenly realise. Starting now and building your channel with the intention of educating your prospects is a great opportunity you have. After a few years, if you manage to create 500 videos in your channel and have considerable likes, subscribers, view counts, your CAC will naturally come down. 


It’s time to create your own assets.


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