The curious case of 2 businesses marketing approaches from the same industry.

It was Pongal day, the TOI had full-page ads as it used to be. 


As I flip through the ads, there were these real estate full-page ads. The prices, and all the uninteresting types of ads. It is very monotonous that you start to ignore much like online ads.


The curious case of 2 businesses marketing approaches from the same industry.


As I flipped to the next page, this pamphlet fell from inside. I was curious seeing the pamphlet, the way it was targeted(distributed to this locality), the 2 options provided, the note part about quality.



Yes, 10s of things can be improved. But given the business stature and the area they cover, let’s leave that part. 


Let’s get back to the full-page ad. Well, let us assume that you have noticed their ad(awareness). Let us also assume that you have the interest to buy a property from their list(Target is something like 1 in 10000 or even 1 in 100,000 – let it sink). 


Now, you wanted to know about the property you are interested in, you go and search about them(Interest). You get the company’s website with similar information that was available on the full-page ad or a notch above that. That’s all there is. 


If you want to know, you have to call them and you will be briefed by a lot of salespeople/call centres. Who knows, you will get to deal with 100s of calls afterwards. This is not sales, by the way. 


The website is an intent channel. The intent channel is near empty. There are no awareness channels maintained at all and this is precisely what your tobe customer is looking for(Consideration). To mitigate the wide gap, there are 100s of people sitting at the call centre. 


Not a single industry can afford this absurdity than this industry. 


“The internet is the first mass medium that wasn’t invented to make marketers happy. Television was invented to hold TV ads, and the radio was invented to give radio ads a place to live.


But the internet isn’t built around interruption and mass. It’s the largest medium, but it’s also the smallest one. There is no mass, and you can’t steal attention for a penny the way your grandparents’ companies did.


From the book “This Is Marketing” by Seth Godin


Indeed the Internet is the smallest one as far as your business is concerned. Your content and your fan base alone matter.


{This post is Problem aware type. Will publish a detailed blog post titled – A Master guide on modern marketing for Real estate companies}






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