Why real estate video marketing starts at your YouTube channel?

The thought process becomes interesting if we ask why YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? This must be the only reason why you should start your video marketing from your YouTube channel, but here are so many reasons to consider.


Along with many reasons like entertainment, learning, one more reason is people want to see the product in action that they wish to buy, or they need the answers to the questions they have about your product/service. They want to know more about the product in action or the benefits the service would bring to them. The team behind it, the way they work so on and so forth.


Once they get convinced that they’ve got the answer, they are likely to look for similar answers from the same channel because they got impressed by the answer they sought first. That’s why ‘suggested videos’ are famous in YouTube optimization because people are watching it. They basically want a reason to trust you.


Remember, YouTube is not only accessible by smartphone and computers, YouTube is very much accessed by connected TVs at homes – Which means the whole family collectively want to see your model apartment and would like to know about you through videos from their living room.


Recently Google announced that YouTube is working on implementing e-commerce right into YouTube. This means right from the video which you are watching, you can proceed to purchase that particular item. A transformation from an ad platform to an e-commerce platform – should be interesting to watch and YouTube has got all the might to pull it off. 


Imagine the items which people are looking for are explained, displayed well through a nice video. What people are going to do? They are going to purchase what we do now on amazon. We see the pictures and videos on Amazon and click the Buy Now button. The same thing is going to happen right on YouTube. YouTube now shows the relevant e-commerce ad below that particular video you have watched, when you click on the ad it will open on a separate window. This is going to change, the link will open right in the same window or even further straight check out.



Already all the electronic gadgets are being reviewed, showcased by the manufacturers, tech gadget reviewers on YouTube much ahead of the actual launch. So what does this has to do with the products? – It increases sales. Now, while those things will remain there, the sales will happen on the platform itself. Property buying might not happen on YouTube directly but YouTube will be the biggest influencer in discovering the property and further taking the prospects in their purchase journey.


Is this only for gadgets and other electronic appliances? Every single thing which is sellable will be displayed, reviewed, showcased on YouTube, it is only a matter of time. There are already a lot of companies who bet on YouTube and have invested in videos, now they are reaping huge benefits. They are receiving tons of traffic to their website daily because they decided to invest in user-centric videos a few years ago. 


On a side note, Instagram is already doing it. Instagram does not even open on a web browser with its complete functions, it works completely as a mobile application but you can buy from Instagram now.

Why real estate video marketing starts at your YouTube channel? | Omega watches Instagram page


Imagine your YouTube channel as a marketplace where you provide appropriate information to your prospects. Publishing user-centric content is the only task. It’s easier said than done but doable and is important to create user-centric content to make your sales process easier. That’s the sole job of specialists like us.


Assume this way – you conduct a launch mela where you answer all your prospects’ questions. Look at your YouTube channel the same way. Instead of it being a 1 or 2-day launch mela, this content is going to be available there as long as you decide to keep it, and it will be available for anyone to access. Remember, this is only one idea. There are many ideas where you can create a lot of video content to keep up your YouTube channel active.


Why your real estate company should invest in YouTube channel | Its hard to find things that wont sell online?


Also, unlike any other gadgets or FMCG products, Real estate is a heavy investment, you should provide strong reasons to buy from you. Today, YouTube is a platform that provides an opportunity to nurture your prospects and provide a strong reason to buy from you. This is the reason why you should start your video marketing from your YouTube channel.


It will be a worthwhile investment to occupy a piece of virtual land in YouTube today and start building your audience(who will be your buyers tomorrow or will bring buyers to you) now than to hurry up when it is obvious and when everybody is trying to position their business on youTube.


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