Does Video Marketing Work?

The short answer is video marketing does work, infact phenomenally well. The challenge is to be consistent with it, every day, every week or every month. This is where almost 90% of the companies and individuals fail. They would have invested in it on and off, but there is no point in doing video marketing on and off.


If you’ve done video marketing well, you can’t stop receiving inbound queries and website traffics almost forever. Most importantly, the sales machine functions with nil or minimal efforts. 


What exactly video marketing does?


Earlier, videos got consumed when they were broadcasted, like commercials. Only when people watched, it got noticed.


Now, videos are available all the time. There is a place (YouTube) where anyone can access videos anytime, whenever they wish to know about something. 


Imagine if your video isn’t available when people wish to know about your service/product, but someone else’s videos are showing up. You miss being in front of your prospect’s eyes when they wish to watch and crave information from your company. 


Eventually, they will choose you once they find you. Showing up in front of them when they look forward to is video marketing.


The second largest search engine is YouTube for a reason. It is wise to share the information which helps your prospects now, you will thank yourself after a year or so for this decision.



In the above case study, we see how Expedia brilliantly pulled off video marketing, to the point where we can only clap and admire/copy them.



Here is how Headspace leverages videos,


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