How explainer videos help businesses?

The world is adapting to digital more and more every day, so are the products which are getting launched across the world. Some for B2B, some for B2C, some with a freemium model, and some with a subscription model, and so on and so forth. In this article let’s see how explainer videos can help explain your product, it’s features to your potential customer and helps you in sales.


If I want to use a product in a B2B context, I’d first go to their website and try to get a better understanding of the product preferably through an explainer video. This eventually would help me in better assessment of the product.


In most cases, people who land on your website would be directed by either google search or by a blog recommendation because they’ve searched for a solution for their problem. The inclination for the purchase is already high. But there is something missing. 


Most of the websites are relying on their website copy and a beautifully designed CTA. Though these are non-negotiable elements required on a website, these aren’t enough.


As a first step, people would want to know about your product. They are interested to know about it conceptually, what the product does, and the solution it provides in a straightforward manner. If only the user is convinced at this stage, they’d move to the next, which is the purchase, of course. Here is a complete SaaS Video marketing guide for you.


There are websites where this is addressed brilliantly by a 2D animation video and there are few companies that have grown up without an explainer video. We will keep them as exceptions.


If I want to buy a product, but I don’t know exactly what it does (For instance, email automation is very broad for me), I would expect a brief video on the landing page about the email automation product in a simple and straightforward manner. I don’t want to see a screencast video with the product in action at this point, which I am willing to watch in the following step. Now, I only want to know what is the solution that the product offers.


Not all email automation products are the same and your prospects would have specific expectations. They’d be curious to know whether your product suits their requirements or not.


Only if they’re convinced in the first step, they’d check the product in action, where an explainer video with a screencast and a nice voice-over would do the needful. 


Once your prospects are satisfied in these 2 steps, they’d be ready to make the purchase. 


The reality is too far from this. There are sites with no videos at all. There are sites where there is an explanatory video at the start or a video on the 2nd page or 3rd page. There are sites which first ask for business mail id, without even revealing what they do. There are sites, which directly plays their product explainer video. I would prefer to watch their solution explainer video first.


Let’s see the numbers. We checked 41 websites which are having a base in Chennai.

  • Only 9 websites have videos, which is a little more than 20% of the total.
  • 5 websites have videos hosted on YouTube
  • Out of that 5, one video is more than 5 minutes long
  • In the remaining 4, two websites host their videos on Wistia
  • 1 host their video on Vimeo


We recommend having such types of highly stake videos hosted on Wistia or Vimeo. YouTube spoils the user experience with other videos coming in before the video is completed or if the video is paused, it throws more videos while the user is on your website. How can you show other videos suggested by YouTube to your potential customer on your website?


We recommend to our clients to have such important videos for less than 100 seconds, whereas we saw videos that are more than 5 minutes long. 


Here is one we made one for our client Hexafair


Of course, these inputs are not necessary for companies that have grown, but how about companies that are waiting for a breakthrough? 


If you are looking for adapting video marketing for your product, here is an Ultimate video marketing guide for you.


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