Effectiveness Or Efficiency in Modern Marketing?

In the name of digital marketing, organizations spread themselves thin across social media platforms. They do it for the sake of it or because an agency takes care of the platforms for them. No content strategy, no noteworthy efforts. In other words, mere presence with fleeting content.

“Spreading across on many platforms is seen as efficient”.


They have got good reasons to believe in that. They get false positives. They get queries through those channels not because of it, despite it. Maybe because there is a strong requirement, there is no time to weigh other products, and mostly time-sensitive. Over and above they might be having a good brand value because of their years or decade(s) long presence.


This has all got to make them get into illusionary thinking that their digital marketing is working. When we break down layer by layer, it will be obvious that there was no marketing at all, they were just merely present on different platforms. That is why you see their beautiful creatives on Women’s Day, Men’s day, Labourer’s day, Nurse day, Engineers day, Doctors day, etc., as if marketing is about celebrating these days. 


Do I sound like not posting any wishes on such days? Absolutely not. You post such types of wishes with deliberation. For ex., your office celebration during such a day, the founder’s message about so and so day, the connection between that day and your organisation, and so on and so forth. 


The idea is to establish a connection between your brand and your audience. An attempt to grab a mind share in your target audience by being authentic and real which in turn creates trust in the brand. That mindshare/trust doesn’t happen through the digital creative that carries your logo and a plain wish on XYZ days. 


This was beautifully done by Navin’s on the last Independence day. (Link)

Independence Day celebrations


Just because you are present on every platform doesn’t mean that works. Albeit you might get signals that are most likely false positives. This is one of the important reasons you couldn’t do anything great in marketing because it makes you believe that what you do is working.


Few foundational truths about Digital marketing:

  • All Social media Platforms are content guzzlers. 
  • There are 2 types of platforms, repository and feed-based.
  • Better to create content for the repository platforms, repurpose and distribute it on feed-based platforms.
  • If you don’t have content that is produced deliberately for your brand you don’t have content marketing in place. Even effective digital marketing is not in place. 
  • You can leverage online ads when you have a content repository


In the long term, you need to have a repository platform that serves as your central gateway between your audience and your brand. 


In other words, your content works on your behalf.


 There are 3 categories of contents

  • Perennial
  • Topical
  • Fleeting

The content creation pyramid


The effort-consuming content category is perennial and those are the content that is going to work for your business and address the marketing part in the short, mid and long term.


Harsh reality: There are exceptions and there are businesses that made feed platforms as their repository platforms.


The thing I see is organisations creating fleeting content under the name of efficiency. Unless you get this, false positives are going to show up every now & then and make you believe that publishing fleeting content is content or even digital marketing. 


“In content marketing, effectiveness comes first and efficiency next.”


If you approach with efficiency first, you are rarely going to achieve effectiveness. 


Talk to us to build your brand video channel on YouTube, that is effectiveness first.


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