Why Old School Marketing Doesn’t Work Now?

When the major part of the marketing goal is inclined directly or indirectly towards generating leads, it increases your marketing budget.

And this boils down to creating,

  • A pre-sales process
  • A process that has the direct motive to sell

The above old school marketing approach worked until a few years back, but not in the current digital age. Now, we are in a world where people have loads of information at their fingertips. They don’t want to be sold, they want to know more about your product/service – they imply to educate them. They demand a reason to trust you. 

Be with them, not at them.

                                    – Mark Adams, the Head of Innovation at VICE.

But you are asking them to buy from you which they don’t like, hence the poor CTR and the poor performance of your paid media. 

The old process doesn’t demand educating about your product. You reach out to your target audience through mass media and provide them offers, which would eventually lead to sale. That’s it. 

What will happen if we continue the same logic here in the digital world?  You would continuously pay higher to get leads, thereby burning more money with meagre returns. 

Because you are using the old school method now, even when people get to know your brand, they don’t value you much in the sales process. When they get to know about your sale, they try to get information online about you. A website that’s loaded with information isn’t enough. 

This is why we believe that the more you own marketing assets, the better it is for your business.

Modern day marketing demands you to educate your audience without expecting any immediate returns. So that your brand stays on top of their mind when the need arises. 

It is time to have a robust platform for your owned media with a fraction of investment in paid media. In fact, that’s how you can make the best use of your marketing budget. Once it takes off, there’s no looking back from thereon. It’s sure to become a significant part of your marketing and sales. Such is the benefit of owned media. 

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